New flavonoids promoted for inclusion

Currently, Feeding Latinoamérica works with three salmonid feed companies in Chile. To visit the full article, click on the following:

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Alliance between Dr.Eckel and Feeding Latinoamérica

Feeding Latinoamérica signs an alliance with Dr. Eckel, offering innovative, high quality, efficient and sustainable products that follow our business philosophy.

Alliance between Ferrer Healtech and Feeding Latinoamérica

Feeding Latinoamérica signs exclusive contract with Ferrer Healtech for aquaculture in Chile. Company that works proactively in the development of innovative and creative solutions in the pharmaceutical sector and animal nutrition.

Cargill suppliers already trained
thanks to alliance with Endeavor September 6 - 2019

Alliance will strengthen the growth of the company's suppliers. This week the second workshop was held, after which a personalized mentoring program will continue with the selected suppliers.

One of the participants is the company Feeding Latinoamérica. It was founded last year and is dedicated to producing a second-generation bacterial protein, which helps replace those of marine origin. Its general manager, María Lorena Sotomayor, explained that "I think the program is fantastic, a great opportunity for my company. Endeavor is in line with what Feeding and aquaculture are looking for, which is to work in a sustainable way. I think it's nice that big companies support small companies to grow.

Alliance between Cargill Chile and Endeavor hopes to strengthen the development of suppliers. JULY 2019

Twenty services companies of Cargil Chile were selected to participate in a new program to support and strengthen their suppliers in their growth and innovation. We thank Cargill and Endeavor for this great initiative that will allow us to advance along the beautiful wey of Aquaculture Innovation and Sustainability, which is a universal responsibility that involves us all. This is an example for the sector and to inspire other sectors to work together on a path to greater good and sustainable growth, where large companies help and push the little ones and thus work together for a common goal.

March 2019

Feeding Latinoamérica SPA and BTSA, a leading Spanish company in the manufacture of natural antioxidants, closes distribution agreement for animal nutrition in Chile.

December 2018

Publication in Mundo Acuícola magazine, where Mazzoleni SPA star products are known: Single Cell Proteins second generation.

November 2018

Hannover, Germany: Team Feeding Latinoamérica and Mazzoleni SPA present their products at the Eurotier 2018 Fair.

October 2018

Puerto Montt, Chile: Team Feeding Latinoamérica and Mazzoleni SPA announce their strategic alliance for Latin America, launching their Aquaculture products at Aqua Sur Fair.

July 2018

Bergamo, Italy: Feeding Latinoamérica closes exclusive distribution contract with one of the leading companies in Italy and Europe in the manufacture of technological products for Aquaculture.